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SoulCycle with Sasha


“I Can’t Often Means I Won’t, Yes You Can Do Hard Things!”

A certified spin instructor with over 5 years of experience, Sasha’s journey to becoming a cycling instructor was born out of wanting to see more Black women on the podium. In Sasha’s class you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may cuss her out in your head because of her signature 10-minute hills but 1 thing for certain, 2 things for sure, you’ll definitely sign up for more!

DMV, Catch Me at SoulCycle!


Always looking to grow, learn, and move forward chasing your dreams, Sasha is so excited to be a part of the SoulCycle family and can't wait to see where this journey takes her and all of the phenomenal souls she will continue to meet!

Check out Sasha's profile on SoulCycle to see her schedule:

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